Black Washcloth w/Makeup Embroidered--1 Washcloth

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Today's listing is for one (1) black washcloth with the word "Makeup" embroidered
on it in white.

Did you ever wash your face to clean the makeup off and look at it and see all
the makeup on it?  Or, did you find a washcloth to wash your face and it already
had makeup on it?  Well, this solves it all.  You can't miss the word "makeup"
embroidered on it in white and only use it for makeup removal.  Also, with it being black,
you don't see much of the makeup at all.

Size of washcloth is 11-1/2" across and 12-1/2" down.  We have already pre-washed them so they are pre-shrunk.

Questions:  Please email me.

Thanks so much for looking at my things.

Have a great day and God bless.