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My work

• It is an "Old Navy" t-shirt quilt from 1999 to 2023. Size is 78" x 78".
• Ordering a custom t-shirt quilt.
• We use 20 t-shirts in the quilt – we supply all the batting and backing and sashing for one price.
• Postage to us and from us is the customer’s responsibility.
• We cut the designs from the shirts – if there is a small design on the front, back or arm,
• we try to add that to the shirt also. The shirts are then stabilized so they do not stretch
• or curl or shrink. We add the sashing in between each shirt to set the shirt off and finish
• off with a border all around the quilt. We will offer you several choices for that.
• We normally use black for the backing but if there is another one you would like we
• Have several other fabrics available. We quilt through the sashing and the border. We do not quilt through the t-shirts Themselves. Total cost is $400 for 20 shirts plus shipping to and from us. Normal turnaround is approximately 4-6 weeks. We also work a full time job so that Time could change. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for You and want your special quilt to be a remembrance for everyone.

Get Beautiful Handmade Quilts With Unique Patchwork

Have you always loved the striking beauty of handmade quilts but couldn’t get the time to make one? If yes, then you will be glad to check out our beautiful handmade quilts with stunning patchwork details that can make any place look brighter. Unlike any other quilt-making company, we create authentic replicas with excellent detailing on every piece. With different patterns and designs, you would fall in love with the beautiful pictures on quilts.

Finding perfect quilts in different patterns that are trendy is not an easy task. That’s why we are here to save your time and deliver you an incredible range of homemade quilts in Friendswood, Texas. We make each piece with love and understanding of the comfort of our customers. Style your guest room or bring elegance to the master suite with our handmade quilts.

Contact Us For Local Embroidery in Friendswood Texas

If you are one of those who love to decorate their space with unique handmade quilts, then we are here to help you. Contact us to get beautiful handmade quilts in an affordable range. With different patterns and colors, we work with complete dedication while paying attention to the small details of every piece.
You can also contact our embroidery cust service to know more.
Get in touch with one of the best embroidery places in Friendswood, Texas. Get a warm and traditional patchwork quilt with PS Quilting.

Cozy Up Your Home With Handmade Quilts

Looking for a way to add some warmth and coziness to your home decor? Look no further than handmade quilts! Whether you're snuggling up on the couch with a good book or adding a pop of color to your bedroom, quilts are the perfect accessory for any room. And if you are finding something truly special, consider a quilt with embroidery in Friendswood, Texas. These one-of-a-kind pieces add a personal touch to your decor and are sure to become treasured family heirlooms. So why not cozy up your home with a handmade quilt today?

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