Helpful Tips To Maintain The Timeless Beauty Of Shirt Embroidery

Helpful Tips To Maintain The Timeless Beauty Of Shirt Embroidery

Are you the one who always wants to wear appealing clothes in your day-to-day life? Wearing fashionable clothes is always on trend to spice up the style. The intricate patterns of precisely stitched, colorful embroidery threads can be a conversation starter. Plus, the variety and choices are limitless when you go for customization. But, the question arises of how to take care of it. No worries, as we have covered for you with the shirt embroidery in Friendswood, Texas. Continue reading the blog to know about it. 

Do’s And Don’ts To Maintain The Shirt Embroidery

No one wants their favorite shirt embroidered to be damaged. Read further about the tips and take care of your loved garment.

  1. Spot Clean The Stains

Since the embroidery is made from threads, it can bleed its colors on the fabric if not washed gently. Furthermore, a muslin cloth or mild fabric shampoo can clean the stains. You need to take care of the embroidery being multi-colored.

  1. Avoid Regular Wash 

The more regular wash of the shirt embroidery in Friendswood Texas, the garment will have less longevity. Avoid washing it more often. However, this means you can wear your shirt for many ages. 

  1. Avoid The Washing Machine 

The shirt embroidery requires gentle hand washing. The hand washing will help to maintain the delicacy and softness of the fabric. Moreover, the garment will not fade its color. Moreover, never wring out wet embroidered clothing to maintain the design.

  1. Air Dry Embroidered Shirt

Tossing the shirt in the washing machine can damage the threads of the embroidered garment. You can dry it out in the air, but avoid exposing embroidered clothing to heat as it may cause the cloth to shrink. Even the embroidery on a handmade leather tote bag. Avoid drying it in the air.

  1. Do Not Give The Garment For Dry Cleaning

Since the embroidery threads are delicate, we should avoid washing them with harsh chemicals. In addition, dry cleaners use hard chemicals that might ruin the beauty of the embroidery. If you love to use starch in clothes, you can also try to avoid it.

Maintain The Elegance Of Embroidered Garments!

These are some helpful tips to maintain the embroidery in the garment. If you want to purchase an embroidered shirt, PS Quilting can be perfect for visiting. Apart from the embroidered garments, we have handmade king-size quilts, fabrics for various purposes, etc. Visit our website today to explore the variety of our products.
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