How To Maximize Your Handmade Quilt Life?

How To Maximize Your Handmade Quilt Life?

No wonder why handmade quilts have the magic to make a living room brighter. Although getting your hands on a unique handmade quilt just the way you always wanted is no less than a dream come true for textile lovers. But owning a handmade quilt and not taking it for granted is a big deal. But if you love handmade quilts and don't know how to take care of them, then we have jotted top tips that will make your washing, cleaning, and storing of quilts a smooth job. Check out this post till the end to level up your handmade quilts life.

Top Tips To Take Care Of Your Handmade Quilt 

Once you get your hands on a beautiful quilt, you want it to stay beautiful and fresh even after years of use. But do you wonder, how to do it and what to do to keep it looking fresh and brand new? If your mind pops this question and you're clueless about the answer, this post is meant for you. Check the below shared top tips to take care of your favorite handmade quilt. 

  1. Keep Them Away From Sunlight 

If there is a fixed spot at your place where you spend almost the entire day doing your work or any chores that are constantly hit by the sun's rays, Then it's high time you need to either stop sitting there or keep your handmade quilt out of sun rays. It's evident if you're now wondering how a handmade quilt can't be used under sun rays. Indeed, you can use it, but it doesn't mean you will keep it the whole day long under the sun. It's advised that quilts must be stored in some darker place with no humidity. So that fabrics won't fade away. 

  1. Do A Regular Check On Stored Quilts 

Generally, people don't use the same handcrafted quilt throughout the season just to avoid getting it worn out or getting bored. And it does make sense. Hence, as a fact, we need a space to store it. Again, keeping and leaving it for a long time could result in infestations. Thus, it's crucial to ensure that bugs and other insects haven't started nesting there. 

  1. Don't Wash It Often 

Washing handmade quilts too often can result in worn out and color fading. Not only this, it even increases the chances of making the fabric weak. Even if you wash, make sure you're choosing gentle hand wash over machine wash so that its thread and handcrafted work don't get ripped off. 

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