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What are the Magical Tricks to Picking the Suitable Fabric for Handmade Quilts?

Quilting isn’t as simple that much it looks! It’s a tricky art that requires coming up with the right choice of color contrast, patterns, and textures to turn handmade quilts aesthetic. Furthermore, selecting the relevant fabric is essential as it will be of no value if it does not provide you with enough comfort. Therefore, we’ve jotted down some tips that you may use to come up with a great choice of quilt fabric. Let’s discuss them!

6 Useful Tips for Opting the Right Fabric for Handmade Quilts

Now that you know the significance of quilt fabric let’s know what are some things to mind when choosing the ideal fabric.

1. Use a Curated Bundle or Pre-Cut
One option to start selecting fabrics for a quilt is to use a carefully chosen bundle of fabrics put together by a fellow quilter, the fabric designer, or a store owner. If you adore a bundle or combination of textiles, you've already completed half the work. Now, all you need to do is select a fantastic background and choose the borders and binding.

2. Create Contrast with Color, Scale and Design
When making your own fabric pull, be sure to use fabrics that have a pleasing degree of contrast in addition to coordinated colors. Having identically shaded fabrics throughout your handworked quilts wouldn't be ideal. Besides, take into account differences in scale and design. You may also pair giant flowers with tiny ones, stripes, dots, plaids, and other geometric patterns.

3. A Particular Color Palette or Concept
Selecting fabrics for a quilt can also be made simple by sticking to a theme or color palette. A few examples of how to do this are red and white quilts, blue and cream quilts, etc., or other seasonal or festival themes. You may also use just one color scheme and a background, such as with a range of blue tones. In fact, you may get even more ideas from handmade quilts for sale.

4. Use Different Collections from the Same Designer
To create the illusion of a scrap quilt, many designers have collections that complement one another, or at least parts of collections that do. Experimentation can be increased while remaining within the safe confines of a carefully picked bundle by utilizing many collections from the same designer. Furthermore, diverse designers' collections frequently complement one another brilliantly.

5. Make use of Dark, Low-Volume, or Scrappy Backgrounds
To provide interest, you may incorporate low-volume, patchwork background fabrics into the quilts. However, utilizing these materials as backdrops might also facilitate the coordination of the medium and dark prints. An even darker background, such as charcoal or tan, can also accomplish this look for a handmade quilt blanket. With a background that inspires you more, you might fall even more in love with your clothes pull.

6. Add Solids
Incorporating one or more solid fabrics into your quilt's fabric mixture can also greatly enhance the design's depth and beauty. A lot of designers share lists of solids that complement their collections of fabrics. An alternative approach would be to start with a collection of solid textiles that you adore and look for designs that complement those solids.

Ideal Fabric, Ideal Match of Colors, and Ideal Quilting!

We hope you will be able to choose the right fabric for the handmade quilts from now onwards. Make sure you consider advice from professional quilters to come out with impressive quilting results. However, you may visit no other than us at PSQuilting. We will ensure to meet all your requirements. Plus, you can expect other essentials from us, like tote bags, skull caps, and many others. Remember, we’re a call away from you!
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