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Evening Sleigh Rides-Machine Embroidered - Framed Picture

Evening Sleigh Rides-Machine Embroidered - Framed Picture

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Today's listing is for one framed picture as shown.
It is machined embroidered and says "Evening Sleigh Rides",
"Complimentary Hot Cocoa"
The pictured is framed and the size including the frame is approximately 8" across and 8" in height.  There is also a blue, black and silver ribbon with bells attached decorating the left side.
This particular frame does not have a stand so you will need to hang it, prop it up or buy an inexpensive stand for it.  The matting is silver which does not show up
very well in the picture.
Questions:  Please email me.
Thanks so much for looking at my things.
Have a great day and God bless.

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